Jacob B. Geri

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology Member, Meyer Cancer Center

Jacob is an Assistant Professor in the Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Pharmacology. He received a BS at Stetson University under Prof. John York, where he used computational methods to study bonding in inorganic complexes. Later, he completed his training in inorganic and organic chemistry during his PhD at the University of Michigan under Prof. Nathaniel Szymczak, where he developed organometallic catalysts for nitrile hydroboration and CO2 hydrogenation, recyclable organic reagents for nucleophilic fluoroalkylation, and inorganic dinitrogen complexes as models for the active site of nitrogenase. As a NIH postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University with David MacMillan, he co-developed a high-resolution, photocatalytic proximity labeling technology and applied it to the identification of protein-protein interactions. The focus of the Geri Lab is on the development and use of new technologies for high throughput, spatiotemporally resolved protein interaction discovery.

Weill Cornell Medicine Geri Lab 413 E. 69th St, 16th FL New York, NY 10021 Phone: (212) 746-6250